A Good Name

A Deeper Reality

A Deeper Reality Being in full time ministry in the marketplace for 13 years I am asked every now and then “What does ministry in the marketplace look like?”  People are usually looking for answers like “Do I put scripture…

Is it worth paying the price?

GOALS. Whatever the goal it  comes down to three things to accomplish them.  Define the goal. Understand the price involved in reaching it. Begin paying the price until it is paid in full. When Habakkuk wrote “Write down the revelation…

Owner or Steward?

Our Kingdom focus message for today is “Are you a Christian who owns a business or Are you  a Steward of a Christ led enterprise?”  There is a vast difference between the two.  For clarification of terms a Christian business…

A Marketplace Moment

Have you resolved to be an Ambassador for Christ?  First this is done in the heart.  Secondly we invite you to make it public by going to www.marketplaceambassador.com.  There you simply click on the I Resolve button and enter your…




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