A Deeper Reality

Being in full time ministry in the marketplace for 13 years I am asked every now and then “What does ministry in the marketplace look like?”  People are usually looking for answers like “Do I put scripture on my office wall, a fish symbol on my bumper sticker or the 10 Commandments in the office entry way?”  While all of the above may be appropriate, the main objective of ministry in the marketplace is about walking in a deeper reality.   As Christians we are all aware of the reality of a hell to avoid, a heaven to reach, and that we are to make disciples.  All the same most of us do not.   Why is that?  The answer is that while most of us live in reality, however the majority of us do not live in the deeper reality of the urgency of the moment.  Jesus told us “He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit.  We are faithful but are we fruitful?

While in a seafood business a customer came in and ordered a platter.  We engaged in conversation and she gave her life to Christ.  While we were praying, a friend of who is a businessman who knows the Lord was amazed that someone would come to Christ in a business setting.  He wanted to know what was going on and when we shared with him about ministry in the marketplace, he said “I want to be a part of this!”  A few days later, a couple came into the same establishment.  The proprietor noticed that she was about to have a baby and after ordering asked them “I see you are going to have a baby, is there anything else that I can pray with you about?”  They shared another prayer request.  Reaching for their hands, Jason decided to go ahead and pray right there and then. Leaving the restaurant the man said “You are the nicest man I have ever met!”  This is what ministry in the marketplace looks like.  Simply abiding in Christ and being responsive as the Spirit nudges us to pour into people’s lives.

People are still hungry for the truth. We must allow God to walk us into a deeper reality.